Fernvale Living and Leisure Village is Palawan’s one-of-a-kind leisure community, with multiple facilities and options for its residents. It is a planned community with top-grade infrastructure, with fully underground utilities.

In Fernvale, nature is preserved and enhanced. The river across the village will be preserved on a 2-kilometer linear park extending to the sea. There will be several parks with a total area of not less than 5 hectares.

Fernvale is ideally located in Coron. Fronting both sides of the National Highway, it is only 10 minutes from the urban center and 30 minutes from the airport, yet with a world apart in ambiance.

Fernvale will have three membership clubs for its residents.

1. The Fernvale Leisure Club, now open, has a big clubhouse and a vast multilevel swimming pool with fountains, bridges, waterfall, bubble bay, and little islands.

2. The Fernvale Sports Club will be built next, and will have tennis, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, and badminton courts, an indoor game room, a fitness center, and a cafe.

3. The Fernvale Boat Club, will be a full-service marina for residents’ private boats, a clubhouse with a range of amenities and conveniences.

Fernvale is at the most upscale location in Coron. It is fronting the National Highway. It is 10 minutes from the urban center, but not affected by congestion. It is also 30 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes from the seaport, and 10 minutes from the boat station.

Located along Coron-Busuanga Road, this place is very accessible to major hotels, establishments, and major tourist destinations.

The project is now now 90% complete and ready for living in. Road concreting will be completed this summer. Underground utilities are targeted for completion within 2014.

Every lot already has a separate title. You have the option to purchase your lot through our inhouse financing or through the bank or PAGIBIG. You also have the option to buy lot only or a house and lot package.






Fernvale Living and Leisure Village is a residential resort village where you will enjoy the amenities of a first class resort and the safety and security of a gated community. It is a planned community with top-grade infrastructure, including full underground electricity and other utilities.
Fernvale has many leisure options for the pleasure of the residents. Fernvale Leisure Club, with its big clubhouse and vast multi-level and multi-feature swimming pool, is now done. The FernvaleSports Club with is many ports facilities will now be built. Phase 2 will include the Fernvale Boat Club with its own clubhouse and marina on the sea.
In Fernvale nature reins supreme. The river all the way to the sea will be preserved, and its riverbank maintained as a linear park. The adjacent mangrove forest will be preserved. Several areas in the project are allotted for parks and community amenities.
Fernvale is now developing into a community. Several buyers have already built or started building their homes or vacation villas. All of them except 1 selected us as their builder. There is now a large number expats, Metro Manilans, and Coronians who bought a lot. It is now growing into a multinational village, with 9 countries already represented.