20% Cheaper than Prevailing Price

Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Home

For some reason, a property owner decides to sell his/her condominium unit, house and lot or commercial property, but that doesn't mean that there is something wrong with the property, it maybe because the owner decides to migrate, changes plan like venturing into business, or due to location preference or work assignment. 

1. Saves Time - buying a pre-owned home saves you time. No need to wait for a property turn over. Once the sale is consummated, documents are signed, and everything is arranged with the previous owner, you can immediately transfer to your home.

2. Saves Money  pre-owned home is usually cheaper than a newly-constructed one. Sometimes it comes with additional perks like furniture. No need to worry about the quality of the property since usually they are constructed by known developers. Sometimes resale involves urgency so the price is usually negotiable and about 20%-30% lower than prevailing price.  

3. Saves Effort - you are spared from pre-construction hassles, hiring a contractor, securing building permits, etc. it is also easier to negotiate with the property owners than directly buying from developers with restrictions in terms of payment. 


1. 3 Bedroom Unit 77 sqm. at The San Lorenzo Place

 2 bedroom at San Lorenzo Place

2. Sea Residences 
    24 sqm. 1 bedroom fully furnished
    P 3.7M (with existing tenant) - details by request

3. Gateway Garden Heights
    39.4 sqm. 1 bedroom fully furnished
    P 2.7M (with existing tenant) - details by request

4. Light Residences
    24 sqm. 1 bedroom 
    fully furnished
    P2.5M - details by request

5. Resorts World Newport
    Palm 3
    31.5 sqm. with balcony
    fully furnished (with existing tenant) - details by request

6. Resorts World Palmside Villas
    57.5 sqm. 2 bedroom
    fully furnished
    8.5M (with existing tenant) - details by request

7. Tagaytay Executive Village
    Lot only 
    264 sqm. 

8. Tagaytay Highlands 
    Veranda at Saratoga
    Lot Only
    384 sqm.